The development needs of Bope-Poddala


Water needs

  • From citrus Juntion to poddala main road  Fulfill the drinking water requirement of 20 houses. 
  • Fulfill the drinking water requirement of 20 houses On the access road to Citrus 

Health and hygiene requirements

  • Lack of permanent toilets and  Lack of adequate toilet facilities.
  • Preparation of a proper program for disposal of garbage


  • There is a problem of getting water for paddy fields. (Lower than paddy fields katuaththa canal)
  • Cultivation of non-cultivated paddy lands
  • Reconstruction of several canal addaragoda
  • need system Obtaining irrigation water and to exit irrigation wate

Road development

  • Concreting the remaining portion of the cannatta road

  • Road near the official shadow office in Magadeniya division

  • Reconstructing Panvila main road.

  • Concreting the main road at Galwalagodakanda.

  • Reconstruct the Salgaha road 

  • Concreting Navinna Niruduwa main road.
  • Concreting labuduwa mawatha  from gonnagaha watta
  • Reconstruction of Iriyagaha Opatha main road

Lands and houses

  • Providing suitable lands for residence

News & Events

The start of the new year 2020

The start of the new year 2020


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