Establishment Section

How to get to the Bope Poddala Divisional Secretariat?

  • From Galle to Karapitiya via Labuduwa Junction, Divisional Secretariat office in Poddala Divisional Secretariat Division can be reached at Labuduwa Junction.
  • From Galle, to Ambalanwatta via  Labuduwa Junction
  • By Udugama or Mapalagama roads through Thalagaha Junction to Labuduwa

Inquiries regarding of Grama Niladhari Division number Domain?

  •   44 Grama Niladari Divisions and their numbers are shown bellow in this area

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Should the owner be present when registering business names?

  • It is compulsory for the owner of the business trip to bring the National Identity Card as well.

What are the documents required for dealing with the bank's money and the mortgaged goods of a deceased person?

  •      Death certificate of the deceased person
  •      Documents related to the applicant's affiliations (birth certificates, marriage certificates)
  • If there are other members, the applicant will be provided with cash or goods Affidavit
  •  statements that there is no protest
  • National Identity Card.

What are the documents for transferring electricity bills?

  • Deans proving the ownership of the place where electricity is obtained
  • Verify the ownership of the ownership of the housing development authority or the council the letter
  • National Identity Card

Social Service Section 

How to get R.S 20,000 / = nutrition allowance given to pregnant mothers?

  • An application can be obtained from the Early Childhood Development Officer or the officer in charge of the program of the Divisional Secretariat of the Maternity Clinic you attended.

Who can get education aid?

  • If a child's father has a dead or Incurable disease, students who are going to school can get a scholarship.

How to register an NGO?

  • NGOs which a year before the established will be registered after they submit the documents, 

Can the new Samurdhi Benefit be obtained?

  • Currently, no new beneficiaries are selected. Appeals will be accepted in future.

What are the eligibility requirements for adult aid?

  • Should be more than 70 years of age on the date of application
  • Monthly family income is Rs. 3000 or less
  • One person who a husband or a wife can apply for this.

Additional District Registrar Division

How to get a copy of Birth, Marriage or Death certificates?

  • If the number and date of birth or marriage or death certificate is known - Rs 100,
  • If the number and date of birth or marriage or death certificate is not known - Rs 200                                               
  • Certificates can be obtained from the Divisional Secretariat.
  • if a birth or a marriage in the Galle District, Certificates can be obtained from Thawalama Divisional Secretariat.

How to register the birth?

  • Meet a relevant Registrar of birth registration and register the birth, before three month the birth occurred
  • Meet the Additional District Registrar and get relevant information for registration of births which were three months old

How is the amendment done in the birth certificate?

  • Meet the Additional District Registrar with relevant documents.

Pension Section

How can a widow's orphans' pension be paid after the death of a civil pensioner?

  • First, get the death certificate of the pensioner and stop the pension.
  • If you have more money, contact the bank to receive it.
  • Then inform the relevant person to bring the following documents.
    • Original copy of the death certificate of the pensioner
    • The original copy of the widow's birth certificate
    • Original copy of the marriage certificate
    • A photocopy of the widow's bank account pass book
    • A photocopy of the widow's Identity card
    • Photocopy of the widowed orphanage card or W & OP Number
    • A passport-size color photograph, certify by Grama Niladhari
    • All photocopies of above Documents must be certify by Grama Niladhari.
  • After giving them the information above, Get the file and arrange to create a widow's orphans' pension.

Why is the pensioner's pension stopped?

  • Stop the pension for not issuing the Life Certificate for the relevant year.
  • Issuing the life certificate attending after the pensioner & Saying that the Grama Niladhari should be certified and brought there.
  • Updating pension after submitting the animal husbandry certificate.

Why is not the payment of pensions to the heirs after the death of the widow?

  • According to the Widows Orphans' Pension Act, a person who has the right to widows' & orphans' pension after the death of the person, if there is a salary or a sum of money, should notify the legal provisions in order to pay them to their heirs.

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The start of the new year 2020

The start of the new year 2020


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